A Tale of Two Musicals

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Special thanks to Mat Ottley for the photos and recording the performance.

A Tale of Two Musicals

The thud of the blade and the roar of the crowd...

A performance of original music by Suffolk songwriters Carolyn Goates, Chandra Grover and Nigel Hartley at St. Peter's by the Waterfront on 25th June 2017. 


Our story began with 'Rasputin' in the frozen streets of St. Petersburg during the turbulent last years of the Russian Tsar and his family. Then on to 'A Tale of Two Cities' and the filthy alleys of 18th century London and the hotbed of revolution in Paris. 

We were delighted to welcome a strong male section to add depth of colour to the sweet and gorgeous sound of Felixstowe Harmonies.  Set against a backdrop of music, brought to life by our chamber orchestra, our story was told.

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