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A 2020 collaboration - Across the Borders - four vocal groups record song

Since the release of Across the Borders by

Felixstowe Harmonies in April during the lockdown of 2020, the song became the focus of an exciting collaborative project

involving Felixstowe Harmonies, Ipswich based choir Stellar Acappella and two Sweet Adelines ensembles from Seattle in the USA; PrimeTime Quartet and Song of Seattle. 


Captivated by the uplifting message of solidarity, of friends uniting and how singing has the power to lift hearts across the borders of our world, PrimeTime Quartet commissioned Chandra Grover, MD of Felixstowe Harmonies to arrange the song for female barbershop.  

Thrilled with this brand new arrangement, all four groups have recorded the song under the group name of 'Kingdom of United Voices'. 

Across the Borders sheet music available

Female Barbershop Quartet

Solo Voice and Piano

Female voices SSAA and Piano

Mixed voices SATB and Piano

Kingdom of United Voices

Our Backstory

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